Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Conversation With Jesus: killer deal!

https://www.wtsbooks.com/collections/clearance-menu/products/a-conversation-with-jesus-9781527103238?variant=11167958958127?utm_source=jtotten&utm_medium=blogpartnersRight now at WTS Books, David Helm's A Conversation With Jesus (6-book box set) is just $4.65!! This box contains six short volumes. Six people to meet. Each appeared on the pages of John's Gospel. Each met Jesus - the Nazarene, the Christ, the man who forever changed the world we live in. And each had a conversation with Jesus about something important to them. Through these conversations you can meet not only these six men and women, but this man who changed everything too.

I'm getting a set for myself, but I always love passing along these deals when I find them! BUY IT HERE>

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