Thursday, April 27, 2017

ESV Bible Sale (and Jared nerds out just a bit)

Okay, everybody, you'd better act fast! The last time I posted about a Bible sale over at the Westminster Bookstore, they ran out within 48 hours! Right now you can get up to 70% off premium gift ESV Bibles while supplies last. This is perfect timing if you're looking for a sharp graduation gift for your grads at church. (Plus! Get up to 60% off all other ESV Compact Bibles at the bottom of this post.)

The Westminster Bookstore is a ministry of Westminster Theological Seminary and has been a wonderful partner of the CIC blog for many years now. But they are a particular standout among booksellers in another respect as well, if I may nerd out just a little:

(I know only a few of you will care about this but) Westminster Bookstore has, hands-down, the best packing and shipping process I've ever experienced. All of your books come shrink-wrapped to a sturdy cardboard plank that perfectly fits inside the shipping box. This not only ensures that your books aren't sliding around during transportation, but it literally feels like Christmas every time I get to open a box from Westminster. The presentation and care of your product is first-rate.

It's like opening the box to a new Apple product, but with books. Okay, nerd-rant over.

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