Friday, January 16, 2015

Heaven is fo' rizzle

I am not usually comfortable being snarky and cynical, but I've always felt that all of these books about visits to heaven were just a bit too...Oprah-y. (I know, it's not an adjective, but you all know what I mean, don't you?) There's no requirements for entrance, everybody gets in, everything glows, smells good, and angels are singing. Congrats, partially-dead kid, you and Jesus are walking around Yankee Candle.

So when a confession/retraction like the one released yesterday goes public, it does my heart good. Not only because my cynicism is rewarded, but because the sufficiency of the Scriptures is confirmed.

 Source: Christianity Today

In case you need a palate cleanser from my cynicism, here David Platt addresses these books in a proper pastoral tone:

And in case you wanted just a bit more cynicism, here's this:

Source: Adam4d

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