Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All those ugly, useless stars and galaxies!!!

Last year I made a video for my church in response to a question from our congregation entitled "Does God Exist?". It hasn't blown up. It hasn't started a firestorm of controversy. It hasn't gone viral. But today I got a challenge in the comment section and I enjoyed responding to it so much, I thought I'd share the exchange with ya'll. (The video is at the bottom if you want context)

CHALLENGE: "The Big Bang needs a big banger." If your proposal is that God is that big banger, then what created God? Your argument hinges on the concept that everything has to be created by something, so that must hold true for God as well. Also, if the universe is so finely tuned, why is 99.99999999% of the universe uninhabitable by any life as we know it? In fact, over 80% of our own planet is uninhabitable.

RESPONSE: My argument is not that every THING must be created, but that every effect must have a cause. God, by definition, isn't an effect, and therefore needs no cause.


If a cordless drill is finely tuned for drilling holes, how come only the tiniest surface area of the drill (on the tip of the drill bit) can actually...drill holes?

If an airplane is so finely tuned for human transportation, why is only 20% of a plane conducive to human transportation? (I freely admit I totally made up that percentage)

There are plenty of design features for the Earth (just like the drill and airplane) that take up a large percentage of space but that are required for the thing to function as it's designed. The Earth's molten core and polar ice caps are both unfavorable for human habitation, but the rest of the Earth would be equally uninhabitable without them. (see "The Privileged Planet by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards for details on the the finely tuned Earth and universe)

However, I believe that God is more than a pragmatist, he is an artist. I certainly wouldn't begrudge him a few extra billion stars on the edge of space even if it had no bearing on the survival of humanity or the habitability of their planet.


Carol said...

Cool!! God is always bigger when I read your blog.

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