Friday, May 2, 2014

Pixar's Principles for Your Church

Recently Trevin Wax shared 18 Principles from Pixar's Culture and, while it may have been implied simply by the fact that he was sharing it on the Gospel Coalition blog, he didn't mention all the direct application to our churches I could see in most of these principles. Here's a few of my favorite:
  • If there is more truth in the hallways than in meetings, you have a problem.
  • There are many valid reasons why people aren’t candid with one another in a work environment. Your job is to search for those reasons and then address them.
  • Careful “messaging” to downplay problems makes you appear to be lying, deluded, ignorant, or uncaring. Sharing problems is an act of inclusion that makes employees feel invested in the larger enterprise.
  • Trust doesn’t mean that you trust that someone won’t screw up—it means you trust them even when they do screw up.
  • Don’t wait for things to be perfect before you share them with others. Show early and show often. It’ll be pretty when we get there, but it won’t be pretty along the way. And that’s as it should be.
  • A company’s communication structure should not mirror its organizational structure. Everybody should be able to talk to anybody.
  • New crises are not always lamentable—they test and demonstrate a company’s values. The process of problem-solving often bonds people together and keeps the culture in the present.

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