Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The winds of change, they are, uh...

Christians In Context has never been about a name. Try as we may, nobody famous writes for us and nobody that writes for us has become famous. I can probably guarantee that will continue to be the trend. Nor has it been about the money which, to date, totals exactly zero point zero in the profit column.

And yet, in the past couple of months, we've hit a number of exciting milestones:
  1. In October, we reached100,000 total page views on the blog.
  2. In November, we had tweet number 1,000 (I know, that's probably a miniscule number. We're working on that).
  3. In December, we also hit 1,000 blog posts.
The Changes

As we hit these milestones, however, there are changes on the personal front that have implications for the blog yet to be determined. Beginning February 1st, my part time position at my church (Redeemer Church in Omaha, NE) is becoming a full time position. I will be overseeing the expansion of the Worship Arts department, managing and increasing our internet presence, writing (more), teaching (more), in addition to the worship leading responsibilities I already have. So this may mean I have even more content that I can roll over to Christians In Context . . . or it may mean you'll see even less of me (please, the applause isn't necessary).

Another Open Casting Call

So in anticipation of the unpredictability of my new position, we're looking for a few good men (or women) to pick up some of the slack around here. Specifically, I've got three positions in mind:
  1. Original content creator -We need a few people who are writing original content that is either unique to Christians in Context or is a cross-post from a personal blog (you don't have to give up your own blog if you've got one). Click here for more details on that position and here for the general direction we want to go with our content.
  2. Popular links collector - If you troll all the popular Christian blogs, or if you have a knack for finding stuff that everybody just must know about, this might be the role for you. We've never been very regular about doing any sort of "Links We Like" posts but we're not opposed to them in principle. 
  3. Tweeter -  If you spend a lot of time on Twitter, if you're already an avid reader, or if you find yourself retweeting Driscoll, Piper, Keller, and the like, then you've probably got what it takes here.
As I've laid out before, the best application/resume' will be one that demonstrates that you're already doing the job you're applying for. So regular tweeting, blogging, and link collecting will go a long way to showing your future reliability. And if you're already doing the work, you could think of this as an opportunity to expand your platform.

Any interested parties can direct all inquiries in the form of a reply to this post or email directly to jared_at_christiansincontext_dot_com

Don't Panic

For the rest of you, never fear. We've no plans to let this blog go down in flames. Many of the past contributors are in various stages of fulfilling obligations and have expressed interest of continued participation in the blog.

And, as soon as I decide the best way to handle it, I've got more books than I can read and review and I'm pretty sure there's another giveaway coming soon.

Stay tuned....

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