Friday, November 2, 2012

Theologian trading Cards Sample: Augustine's Card

So now that we're getting really close to the release of Theologian Trading Cards, I have a few PDF samples that I'll be sharing over the next couple weeks. Hopefully this will give our readers a better idea of what one can expect when the final product becomes available.

What set would be complete without a card for Augustine, so here is an image of his card, front and back. What do you think?

Attached below is a recent comment from Scot McKnight on Theologian Trading Cards. He was one of my earliest supporters, when Theologian Trading Cards were mere blog posts:

 "I first saw this idea some time back and thought Norman Jeune's idea was fantastic. Not only because I loved baseball cards and had plenty of them -- and that my mother threw them all away -- but because some conversation around theologians by young theologians is important. I pray these cards will help educate students and then lead them to read the greats. I'll trade you a Luther for a Barth!"

Thanks so much for the encouraging words Dr. McKnight!

Norman Jeune III

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