Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good deals are afoot!!!

I'm a fan of books. I'm a fan of Tim Keller. And I'm a fan of getting a good deal on things. And for a limited time, all these things are merging into one big ball of awesomeness and I'm a huge fan. For those of you who grew up in the 90's, this is how I imagined this all going down:
"Tim Keller!"

"Good deals!"

"By your powers combined, I am the Westminster Bookstore sale!" (For those of you who are completely lost, that was a reference to Captain Planet and the Planeteers.)
Tim Keller has been busy lately. In the span of a year Tim has released The Meaning of Marriage, Center Church, and now Every Good Endeavor. In the last month I received the first two books from the Westminster Bookstore (the bookselling arm of the Westminster Theological Seminary). And for a limited time the Westminster Bookstore has a killer deal on Every Good Endeavor (70% off your first copy), so I figured I'd also take this opportunity to rave about my favorite online bookseller. Here's three reasons they at the top of my list:
  1. Westminster Bookstore consistently beats Amazon's prices. Take these three books for example:
    And remember, for a limited time your first copy of Every Good Endeavor is 70% off list price.
    That brings it all the way down to $8.09!
  2. Shipping is free on orders over $49. Sure, that's twice what Amazon require to reach free shipping status, but I feel better supporting a Christian bookstore. Besides, this time of year with Christmas fast approaching, who has trouble spending $50 on books? (Click here for full shipping rates.) But I don't mind paying for shipping even when I don't hit the $49 mark for another reason, and it's point number three:
  3. The books are packed and shipped better than I've seen anywhere else. If you've ever received a book in the mail that's been mangled, thrashed, and trashed in the shipping process, you'll appreciate the Westminster Bookstore as I do. In fact, to show you exactly what I mean, I took a picture of my last order to show you how efficiently and securely they ship your books:
Yeah, they shrink-wrap your books together to a firm cardboard backing.
So what are you waiting for? Christmas is coming, good deals are out there, and the clock is ticking. And if I've sufficiently convinced you, please use the links in the book titles above to make your way to That way we get a little credit and you will be supporting the continued literacy of this blog and our ongoing battle against asininity and cretinism. (To be completely honest, I had to use a thesaurus for those two words.)

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