Friday, November 30, 2012

...and speaking of giveaways...

Some of you may remember the Advent Giveaway we held last year. For the twenty-four days of December leading up to Christmas we had a giveaway every day. It was a lot of fun (and a whole heckuva lot more work than I was bargaining for)!!

So we're doing it again, albeit with just a few changes:

I felt we sacrificed content for giveaways all of December last year, so we're paring it down to one giveaway per week, running all week, starting each Sunday. Hopefully this will leave space for more meaningful content in between the giveaways. Don't worry, there will be multiple prizes and multiple winners each week!

As always, we'll be using the PunchTab widget for our giveaways, so the more you share (through Facebook, Twitter, or your own dedicated link) the more entries you get.

The big prize for the final week will be a complete set of Theologian Trading Cards, so be sure stay on top of these giveaways!

Be watching for the first giveaway starting this Sunday!

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