Tuesday, November 27, 2012

3 Reasons You Should Follow Us On Twitter

A few months ago we made an appeal to our readers giving 3 Reasons You Should Like Us On Facebook. Just as a recap, those reasons were:
  1. Facebook is two-directional.
  2. Facebook is conversational.
  3. Facebook is relational.
    (Side note: if those three points sound like they're saying the same thing, you'll just have to read the post to hear me explain why I don't think they are.)
 So today I want to make a similar appeal to you, our readers:

3 Reasons You Should Follow Us On Twitter
  1. Twitter is to the point. Yeah, we can get wordy, we know. Twitter forces us to get there and get out. (Hmm, I coulda tweeted that)
  2. Twitter is made to share. Twitter content is simpler to share than the same content from our blog or Facebook. With literally one click of the button, you can retweet anything from our page onto your own.
  3. Twitter gets exclusive content. We're always reading something, and while we will quote an extended passage once in a while on the blog and write a book review here and there, Twitter gets the majority of favorite quotes. I always read with my cell phone handy so I can punch out an instant update when ever I come across a good, tweetable quote.
(Bonus Reason): We're approaching the season of giveaways again (and I believe there will be a Theologian Trading Cards set in the mix!), so you should follow us on Twitter if you want to stay on top of the giveaways and earn extra entries.

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