Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Theologian Trading Cards Review

Since Norm isn't one to toot his own horn, I figured I'd do it for him. The first review for the Theologian Trading Cards came across my Google Reader this morning from Bob Hayton of the blog Fundamentally Reformed. He recommended them with only a couple of critiques, but to be honest, I imagine this project would be an impossible task for any theologian without a few disagreements somewhere from someone. Here's how he rounded out his review:
By and large they are informative, interesting and fun. The cards are attractive and will appeal to those of a Reformed or scholastic bent. I can envision them being used in homeschools and Christian schools in the junior high to high school level, or even younger than that. They will spur more research into the various figures, but I’m not so sure they’ll actually be traded. Since you get the set, there’s nothing to trade for. Unless teachers use them as rewards and then, the trading would ensue!
These cards would make a great gift for a young theologian-to-be, and I expect they’ll find their way beneath many a Christmas tree this year. If you’re looking for more ways to keep your children interested in the study of the Christian faith, this set will be a tool you won’t want to ignore. (click here to read the full review)
A couple fun notes:
  • Bob listed all of the different "teams" that Norm used for his theologians. I think my favorites are the Orthodoxy Dodgers (Heretics) and Wittenberg Whistle-Blowers (Early Reformers and Later Lutheran Church). 
  • The set is 34% off retail on Amazon right now for preorder! ($17.81, retails as $26.99)

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