Saturday, October 20, 2012

Links I Liked 10.20.12

Fact Checker: Do Faithful Christians Take the Bible Literally?
(Glenn T. Stanton of Gospel Coalition)
. . . I usually answer my questioner, to their great surprise:  "Well no, I don't take the Bible literally." I then pause for effect, both for the sake of the non-faithful as well as for the Christians in the audience.

Reading the faces of the cynics in the audience like a book, I see that unmistakable gaze of, "Oh, what a pleasant surprise. He's not one of those."

Then I clear up the obvious confusion. "I don't take the Bible literally, but I do believe everything in the Bible as true." . . .

Mr. Candidate, How Does Religion Inform Your View on Abortion? 
(Amy Hall of Stand to Reason)
In the vice presidential debate last week, this question was asked of the candidates:
I would like to ask you both to tell me what role your religion has played in your own personal views on abortion. Please talk about how you came to that decision. Talk about how your religion played a part in that. And please, this is such an emotional issue for so many people in this country, please talk personally about this, if you could.
The two candidates focused on the idea that life begins at conception, but I don’t think that's where the true controversy lies. Here’s how I would love to hear a pro-life politician answer this question in two minutes: . . . 

Should We Baptize Upon Profession?
(Mike Leake of Borrowed Light)
. . . In America (especially in the South) people will get baptized just to please their dear old grandmother.  That is not the case in other contexts.  Where persecution is ever present, as it was in the New Testament, saying “Jesus is Lord” is tantamount to saying, “I’m identifying with Jesus—take all my worldly goods and lop off my head if you must, but I’m following Him”. 
That’s not our context.

Our context is probably closer to that of John the Baptist in Matthew 3 when he called the Pharisees and Sadducees to “bear fruit in keeping with repentance”.  In contexts where false professions seem to be running rampant, or when it’s beneficial to profess Christ, it is necessary that we be very cautious about not giving someone false security . . .

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