Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The prodigal son returns...

I repent in dust and ashes.

I know the blog has been sparsely populated with writing for the last couple of months (many thanks to J. Mark Fox for his faithful weekly content!). So in accounting for my last six weeks, I want to offer all of you my explanation and apology. And then, if you decide to forgive me, I'd like to ask three things of you.

In mid-August, I unplugged and left sweltering Omaha with my family to spend a week with my grandparents in Boulder, CO and the surrounding areas. To be honest, every time we go out to Colorado we renew our pact to move out there some day, and this trip was no different. It was a wonderful time to detach from all the obligations at home and just relax with the wife and whelp.

In the meantime, my church back in Omaha (Redeemer Church) was full-swing in the process of moving into our own building. We had been a mobile site church (pack it in, pack it out every week) for the first five years of our life so this was/is a very exciting and momentous period in the church's life. Needless to say, when I returned from vacation there was a backlog of things that needed to be done and I've been playing catch-up ever since.

This past Sunday was our grand opening in the new building and the Lord blessed us in having a record attendance, a disaster-free service, and fruitful response to the gospel preached and the community groups starting that same week.

So I offer an apology for my absence and, if accepted, I would make three requests of you:

1. If you are in Omaha . . . come and visit us! We believe this new building is a blessing and a tool that God has given us to reach more people and be more effective with those who are already attending Redeemer Church.

2. If you are a church planter . . . offer your wisdom. All of us are doing this for the first time, as far as church planting is concerned. So I am under no delusions that we've got it all figured out or that we even fully anticipate what may be coming down the pipe. So if you have words of wisdom, words of warning, or words of encouragement, I'm all ears!

3. If you are inclined to pray . . . pray for us. Pray for our lead pastor Lee. Pray that he would be faithful to the Word, faithful to the gospel, and faithful to his call as the shepherd of our church. Pray for the elders that we would be wise in all issues: business, personal, spiritual, and operational. Pray that we would be faithful to plant, faithful to water, and that God would give the growth.