Saturday, July 7, 2012

We're overdue for another giveaway!

Lately I've had far more books on my "To Read" shelf than I've had time for. And more books than time is an equation that adds up to "free books" for our readers. (If you would like that broken down into a formula, I believe the proper form would be "books > time = giveaway")

This time around we're giving away three books to one lucky person:
  • Dallas and the Spitfire - Ted Kluck & Dallas Jahncke (Bethany House)
  • Reborn on the Fourth of July - Logan Mehl-Laituri (InterVarsity Press)
  • A Traveler's Guide to the Kingdom - James Emery White (InterVarsity Press)

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As always, our sincerest gratitude to all the publishers who are generous enough to work with blogs and all the little people! Special thanks this time around to Bethany House and InterVarsity Press. Without you, we'd have nothing to review, have nothing to give away, and be dumb as rocks.



metargemet said...

The best book I read this summer is called "Und plötzlich Nonne" by Katharina Schridde (in German)

Matthew Forrest Lowe said...

Hoping to read David Starling's _Not My People: Gentiles as Exiles in Pauline Hermeneutics_ when my review copy arrives!

Valerie said...

I am interested in the book, Traveler's Guide to the Kingdom. Currently, I am reading Thomas Oden's third book in the trilogy on Africa Christianity's role in the early Church "Early Libyan Christianity."