Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Surpassing Worth of Ice Cream?

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted something on Facebook that I couldn’t believe.  It wasn’t some revelatory news about her.  It wasn’t something that was inappropriate in anyway (just the opposite actually).  It wasn’t something that would astound the masses, but it overwhelmed me.
What was it?
Blue Bell is now making a Key Lime Pie ice cream!  I LOVE Key Lime Pie.  There have been multiple times in my life where I have bought a key lime pie and over the course of a few days (or hours; and there was what that one time it was just minutes) devoured the whole thing.  I love the tang.  I love the texture.  I love the taste.  Additionally, who doesn’t LOVE ice cream (probably just Communists and Nazis I’d expect)?  Not to mention that Blue Bell is the BEST mass-produced ice cream in the world.
After my friend posted that she had found it, I quickly tagged my wife in the comment and told her that we NEEDED some.  We NEEDED it (I don’t use that word lightly).  She said she’d get it.  When I got home the first place I went, after kissing my kids and my wife, was the freezer.  It wasn’t there… Calmly and as nonchalant as possible I asked Allie, “Did you get that ice cream that we mentioned on Facebook today”.
The reply, “Yes, it’s in the outside freezer.  I got two of them.”
Crisis averted…I mean put these things together:
Key Lime + Ice Cream + Blue Bell = BLISS!
Last night I had a big bowl…it was a party in my mouth and everyone was invited.  This was like the holy grail of ice cream for me.  I found the greatest ice cream ever.  I’d trade all other ice creams for this ice cream.
It made me think and then pray and then write this blog…
Matthew 13:44-46
[44] “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.
[45] “Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls,
[46] who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it.
Ice cream is just ice cream.  I’d trade all other ice creams for Blue Bell Key Lime Pie ice cream.  It was fantastic.  It wasn’t eternal.  It wasn’t worth everything I own.  It wasn’t worth everything in my life.  It wasn’t worth my life.  It was just ice cream.
God’s Kingdom is worth everything.  It’s worth all the stuff, money, and things I’ve accumulated over my life.  It’s worth everything in my life: my friends, my job, my reputation, my energy, my power and my family.  It’s worth all of my life.  All of it needs to be released for the “surpassing worth of knowing Jesus” (Philippians 3.8).
What I Mean
When we’ve really found Jesus (or been found by Him) we start to realize that everything else is worthless in comparison to Him.  All other philosophies, self help ideas, and religious traditions are worthless in comparison to what He offers.  All of our pursuits for money, power, and sex are worthless in comparison to the pursuit of Him.  All of our stuff is worthless in comparison to what He offers.
He is worth it all.
Jesus is all.
Christ is all,
Jason Crandall

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Kurt said...

What a great exchange we get for our life!! Certainly better than key lime ice cream (or Galiker's Butter Pecan if your thinking from my seat) or ANYTHING else that sits in the sphere of temporary. Our life for Christ's, our worthlessness, for a share in His royal inheritance!? What a lavishing God of grace who calls us!

Blessings in The Lord (Eph 1:3)