Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Review: Recovering the Unity of the Bible by Walter Kaiser

Many a postmodern has railed against both the Old Testament and the God of the Old Testament. This sadly happens even in what is called the church.
Walter Kaiser comes to the aid of those who know that the God of creation in the first pages of the Bible is the same God who will culminate history in the final pages of the Bible.
Kaiser argues that there is an inherent unity of our Bible. The Old Testament and the New Testament are unified as are each of the 66 individual books.
This unity is found in the relationship of God with his people.  This relationship is initiated by the promise of God in carrying out his redemptive plan and defining the purpose of his people.
The book is written on a scholarly level. It should hit the reading lists of biblical scholars and pastors alike.  Here is how Kaiser spells out his thesis:
God has spoken to our forefathers through the prophets in many different ways and at many different times (Heb 1:1), but the message has formed a whole cohesive unity while employing a wide variety of supporting details.
(Kaiser, p. 24)
Kaiser offers several theological themes such as Messianic Promises, the People of God, the Law of God and the Doctrine of Salvation.
Beyond these excellent theological presentations, this work offers a foundation for the mission, hermeneutics and preaching for the church.

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