Thursday, July 26, 2012

3 Reasons You Should Like Us On Facebook

I am writing this post for everyone who enjoys Christians In Context but has never left a comment before. I write this post for anyone who has had something they've wanted to share with us but found it too complicated. I write this post for everyone who thinks we're just a bunch of wizards behind a curtain pulling levers and blowing smoke.

We'd be honored for you to like us on Facebook. Here's three reasons why you should:

1. Facebook is two-directional. We here at CIC really love getting to do what we do here on the blog. But the blog format is really best suited for one-directional information sharing. We can share all our favorite links, posts, and information from everything we're reading and learning, but you don't get much of a chance. Facebook, on the other hand, makes it just as easy for you to share with us as it is for us to share with you. So take this as our invitation to you to share with us what you're reading, enjoying, doing. Who knows, it may just end up on the blog!

2. Facebook is conversational. Yes, I know you can leave a comment at the end of our posts. But speaking as not just the writer of a blog but also the reader of many, I will say from personal experience that Facebook just seems to be streamlined for a back-and-forth conversation in a way that comments at the end of the post simply aren't. So if I have the option of leaving a comment at the end of a blog post or leaving that same comment on a blogger's Facebook page, I prefer Facebook every time.

3. Facebook is relational. If you've ever felt like the blog is just a bit too impersonal, come join us on Facebook. I know, we've all got profile pages on the blog, but we rarely know much (if anything) about the people we're talking to. With Facebook, we can better know our audience and better cater to the people who are reading, not just the ones we imagine are reading. Also, if you're like me, even when you want to share a blog post, you share it on Facebook. This way the content is already on your news feed and it's as simple as clicking "share".

So if we've made any sort of a compelling case, we hope you'll like us on Facebook.

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