Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quotes from the Explicit Gospel

As I am reading The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler, I thought I'd share some quotes that I liked:
"Unless the gospel is made explicit, unless we clearly articulate that our righteousness is imputed to us by Jesus Christ, that on the cross he absorbed the wrath of God aimed at us and washed us clean—even if we preach biblical words on obeying God—people will believe that Jesus's message is that he has come to condemn the world, not to save it." (p. 208)

"Grace-driven effort is violent. It is aggressive. The person who understands the gospel understands that, as a new creation, his spiritual nature is in opposition to sin now, and he seeks not just to weaken sin in his life but to outright destroy it. Out of love for Jesus, he wants sin starved to death, and he will hunt and pursue the death of every sin in his heart until he has achieved success...moralistic therapeutic deism is fine with sin hiding in a foxhole. The gospel wants to nuke the hole." (pp. 217-218)
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