Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The power of God to subvert evil

Amy Hall over at the Stand To Reason blog recently finished reading and reviewing If God Is Good by Randy Alcorn. She shares her struggle even as a Christian to reconcile "the sheer weight of all the evil and suffering in the world".
"I think I’ve been looking at this all the wrong way. I was measuring the strength of goodness by looking for good to put an end to evils, when all along, the evils were being used strongly by God for good. It’s hard to imagine thanking God for a painful life of paralysis, but people do. People do! Isn’t that incredible?

"They’ve learned the secret: God has power over all evil that would seek to destroy, and it will all work to serve God’s good purposes.

"Of course, that is where faith—trust in God and His character—comes in, because we can’t always see what good is being accomplished through any one person’s suffering. Sometimes it takes years to see, and sometimes the answer is beyond us in this life. But the avalanche of very specific stories in this book gave me hope like nothing else. Seeing God’s goodness and faithfulness in the lives of those whose level of suffering will probably far exceed mine in my lifetime, and seeing the resulting depth of their knowledge of and trust in God, changed something in me."
You can read the rest of her thoughts on the book here. You can also read the Christians In Context review of the book here.


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Great stuff--John Stonestreet has a 2 part lecture he gave at SummitMinistries on Evil and Suffering. He lays out a great way to respond those who question God's existence in light of this as well as how we as Christians cope with it on a personal level. http://www.summit.org/resources/summit-lecture-series/evil-and-suffering-1/