Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free Album Alert!

I really try hard not to double-post on any given day (sorry, Sten-Erik) but when there's free music on the line, all my rules on blogging go out the window.

Four years ago, Phil Wickham released a live recording called Singalong and then gave it away for free (sorry, you probably have to pay for it by now). That album didn't leave my car's CD player for months. The beauty of the album lay in its simplicity: Wickham's voice and acoustic guitar (both funneled through a heavy dose of reverb) and a choir of attendees are the only thing you'll hear in the entire recording. The voices in the crowd are much more emphasized here than on your average live recording, and this immediately drops you in the middle of the worship experience. In fact, four years later, I still find this CD

So while you probably can't find Singalong for free anymore (at least not legally), Phil has just released the sequel: Singalong 2, recorded live on March 30th at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA. The formula is the same: Wickham + acoustic guitar + audience = best free album you will find this summer. Get it while it's still free!

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