Thursday, April 19, 2012

Introduction to the Pocket Testament League

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Evangelism. We all know that we are supposed to do it. Most of us have a desire to share the faith but we often lack the confidence to follow through. We often worry about if we are going to say the wrong thing. Maybe some of us do not feel equipped to share the gospel very well.

About a month ago, someone introduced me to the Pocket Testament League. Now, I would like to introduce it to you.

Here's an overview from their website:
The ministry began in 1893 as the vision of a teenage girl named Helen Cadbury, daughter of the president of Cadbury Chocolates. She was so excited about sharing her faith that she organized a group of girls who sewed pockets onto their dresses to carry the small New Testaments her father had provided. The girls called their group "The Pocket Testament League." Using small membership cards, they pledged to read a portion of the Bible every day, pray, and to share their faith as God provided opportunity.

Their plan is simple: Read, Carry, Share.

Read God's Word.
Carry God's Word in the form of a gospel of John.
Share God's Word by giving it away.

I have begun to use it as part of my regular routine as a pastor. I can honestly say, I wish someone would have told me about it sooner.

With tracts I find I spend time reading the tract, scrutinizing the tract, sometimes wishing it said things a little different, and then wondering things like "Did I grab the right tract to share with the person?"

I've decided now I'm going to keep a Gospel of John with me. I usually keep a small box in the car for good measure.

I would invite you to check out the Pocket Testament League. You can sign up and receive up to 30 free gospels of John a month through sponsorship. You simple order them, tell them what you'd like to use them for, and within a few days your order will be sponsored by a donation and your gospels shipped.

I would also encourage you to sign up for their evangelism boot camp. It is a seven email training course that gives you some basics for sharing the faith.

Consider this a helpful tool to help us all be more evangelistic. Click on one of the web banners and sign up for the league today. Leave a comment and let us know ways that you have found helpful to share the gospel. Maybe you have a great story of an opportunity God gave you. We'd love to hear it.

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