Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To lead the church well, lead your family well

Jonathan Parnell over at Desiring God blog has written a great piece (with a cute story any father of a little girl will appreciate) called "Be a Real Husband and Dad". His larger point, however, is important for any church leader (current or aspiring) about leading his family:
In 1 Timothy 3:5, Paul tells us that men who can't lead their own household well shouldn't lead in God’s. This means we don't learn how to be pastors to then figure out the home stuff later. It happens together, if that home stuff hasn’t already happened first. What we do at home is more pertinent to our future ministry than the best class we'll ever take or any exegetical gold we'll ever dig up. Every bit of gospel growth we receive by means of our theological training is aimed by God to touch all of our lives. A solid seminary experience doesn't change just this view or that, but it changes us — as husbands, as dads, and then as leaders for the church as well.
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