Thursday, March 8, 2012

Doug Wilson on Lent

Given my post here on Lent, and Jared's wonderful and gracious pushback with his post on Lent here, I thought this video by Doug Wilson might be helpful and enjoyable to our readers. It's about 17 minutes worth your time.

 In my estimation Wilson gets at some of the things that both of us want to highlight. For example, he echoes my points about self-justification. But he also makes Jared's points about fasting and spiritual disciplines. Overall it is a good video.

Of particular interest to me is what he says about the use of a minimal church calendar as a means of talking every thought captive to Christ. His discussion starts at about 9:30. This is a thought I need to meditate a bit more on because of some encounters I've had with radically strict 'Christians' and cultists who regard even the celebration of Christmas as completely pagan and having no redeeming value, going so far as to argue you are sinning if you celebrate it because of your 'friendship' with the world. 

To this issue I've always applied Romans 14:5-6 to the issue. But Wilson seems to argue that there are more positive reasons to the celebration--namely letting our calendar be focus on Christ rather than the secular calendar. Somebody defines your time, it's either Christ or Caesar. His basic point seems to be that your calendar cannot and will not be neutral.

It's good to think about. Leave a comment and let us know your opinion on the issues. And don't forget to enter the John Piper giveaway.

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