Monday, February 27, 2012

Puritan Quote for Mondays

Do you let your faith in Christ sit down satisfied in the all-sufficiency of worth and merit in Christ's work for you?

"Therefore (to conclude) get your hearts and consciences distinctly and particularly satisfied in the all-sufficiency of worth and merit which is in the satisfaction that Christ made. As it is a fault and defect in humiliation, that men content themselves with a general apprehension and notion that they are sinners, and so never become thoroughly humbled; so it is a defect in their faith, that they content themselves with a superficial and general conceit, that Christ died for sinners, their hearts not being particularly satisfied about the transcendent all-sufficiency of his death. And thence it is, that in time of temptation, when their abounding sinfulness comes distinctly to be discovered to them, and charged upon them, they are then amazed and faith nonplussed, as not seeing that in Christ which might answer to all that sinfulness. But as God saw that in Christ's death which satisfied him, so you should endeavour by faith to see that worth in it which may satisfy God, and then your faith will sit down satisfied."

Thomas Goodwin, Christ Set Forth, p.58

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