Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jeff Bethke's thoughts after his viral video

Jeff Bethke catapulted into viral history recently (don't worry, he's fine) with his spoken word video "Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus". All of the details regarding his video and the ensuing controversy have already been written about (or linked to) here on this blog under the title "The humility of Jefferson Bethke and Kevin DeYoung". While not much has changed since we last posted (other than the hits of the video have grown to nearly 20 million now), Jeff has written a reflection on the whole affair and I really liked part of his comment in particular:
"All in all these past few weeks have been a quick lesson and reminder of where my identity is. Is my identity in my failures? Nope. Is it in my successes? Nope. Is it in how many views I get on YouTube? Definitely not. My identity is in the Cross of Jesus, and His resurrection. I’ve had to anchor myself in that truth every morning, because the voices of the world are incredibly powerful. Nothing can show me how unworthy I am more than the Cross of Christ already has, and nothing can show me how much I’m worth and treasured more than the Cross of Christ already has. His Cross is a double edged sword, and when anchored in it, it protects me from both the praise and critique of man in a dangerous enslaving way."

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