Monday, January 2, 2012

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Christians In Context is a gospel-centered collective of writers, pastors, teachers, musicians, hotel shuttle drivers . . . you get the idea. We are united in our belief in the historic good news of Jesus' life, death, burial and resurrection to purchase a people for God from every tribe and tongue and nation, and the implications and applications it has on all our lives. While you will find some of the standard blog fare here (book reviews, links we like, etc.), our original content will largely focus on three main themes: gospel preparation, gospel presentation, and gospel application. We've shared some of our favorite posts from each to get you started!

Gospel Preparation
By this we mean apologetics, pre-evangelism, and the dismantling of defeater beliefs. Our aim is to remove every offense but the gospel. Ultimately we strive to open the way and lay the groundwork for a clear and compelling presentation of the good news of Jesus Christ and leave the results up to God.

Five Reasons Why a Thoughtful Person Would Start Their Religious Quest With Christianity
Fear God?
God Isn't Fair

Gospel Proclamation
We want our presentation of the gospel to be biblically faithful, historically grounded, and culturally relevant. Clarity and honesty are our main goals here.

Jeremiah 29:11 According To the Gospel
Law Vs. Grace by D.L. Moody
The Reason For the Season
The Solution to God's Justice and Love Towards Man

Gospel Application
The implications of the gospel are multifaceted and limitless. It impacts how we approach everything from our churches to our culture, from work life to home life, from public policy to personal sanctification. We desire to be Christians bringing the gospel to bear in every context.

The Gospel and Lent: A Reformer's Reasoning
Body Snatchers, Splinters, and Being a New Creation
3 Ways the Gospel Should Influence Leaving a Tip
The Sex Challenge Evangelicals Never Give (but Scripture Does)

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