Thursday, December 15, 2011

Advent Giveaway: Day 15

Baker Books just keeps rollin' out the hits.

Is God a Moral Monster? by Paul Copan was a huge personal help to me this past year. My church was looking forward to working our way through the historical books of the Old Testament in our small groups and I had been tasked with writing apologetic-style responses to some of the hard questions we were anticipating. How do we make sense of the purging of the Promised Land? All the people the Israelites killed? All the Israelites that God killed?

Paul Copan has answered many of these questions both directly and indirectly in his great book, Is God a Moral Monster?. So when Baker agreed to add some books to our giveaway, I asked for this one by name. (You can read the review here)

Publisher's Description of Come to the Waters: Covering the full span of Boice's incredible lifetime of ministry, the devotional readings in Come to the Waters will teach you to draw upon the vast well of God's mercy and grace found in the Scriptures. Tracing the magnificent story of salvation and God's sovereignty from Genesis to Revelation, Boice encourages you to know and obey God's Word and to glorify God with your whole life. Each reading includes a Scripture text, and topical and Scripture indexes help you find just the right devotion for your day.

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Advent Reflection

Can you communicate the entire Christmas story in one sentence from the Bible? One blogger thinks so, and here's his passage:

    But when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, born of woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, so that we might receive adoption as sons.
(Galatians 4:4-5 ESV)

Want to see him unpack it? "The Entire Christmas Story in One Verse" bends his own rule in the title by using one sentence covering two verses, but it's still interesting.


Brandon Lehr said...

Just finished reading "What the Bible Means To Me"

BRPadmin said...

Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret

Chrislam: How Missionaries are Presenting an Islamicized Gospel

cwwheelock said...

Just finished "The Reason for God", now reading "Unlocking the Bible Story" by Colin Smith

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading "The Children of Divorce" and now reading "Children and the Lord's Supper" and "Reading Revelation".

Jason Gardner said...

Apocalyptic Literature: A Reader and The The World-Tilting Gospel

Jason Gardner said...

Craig: I saw that you won Accordance over at Bible Geeks Gone Wild--congrats!

David said...

I recently finished "A Meal with jesus" by Tim Chester and then have just started reading "Disciple" by Bill Clem

Brian Roden said...

Currently reading "The Story of Christianity Volume 2" for my seminary class next semester, and "3 Questions" by my pastor, Rod Loy.

Diaspora said...

I've recently started the following:
R.C. Sproul's John Commentary
Sproul's The Holiness of God
John Stott's Cross of Christ
John Flavel's The mystery of Providence
and a whole lot of others.

Lately I've been getting about 40 pages into a book and then not finishing them. Hopefully I can end this trend in my life very soon.

Sarah Abigail Kuriakos said...

Just started Correct, not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone by Frank Turek

bolinpath said...

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hand