Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey with a mission (Is that a Disney plot?)

David Matthis wrote a timely piece over at Desiring God called "Making the Most of Turkey Time: Thanksgiving on Mission".

"Here’s a few thoughts from a fellow bungler to help us think ahead and pray about how we might grow in being proxies for the gospel, in word and deed, among our families this Thanksgiving. These are some practical ideas for what it might mean to see ourselves as sent among our relatives."
And the bullet points:
  1. Pray ahead.
  2. Listen and ask questions.
  3. Raise the gospel flag early.
  4. Take the long view and cultivate patience.
  5. Beware the self-righteous older brother in you.
  6. Tell it slant.
  7. Be real about the gospel.
  8. Consider the conversational context.
  9. Know your particular family situation.
  10. Be hopeful.
I think my favorite was #3, Raise the gospel flag early.

Let’s not wait to get to know them “well enough” to start clearly identifying with Jesus. Depending on how extended our family is, or how long it’s been since we married in, they may already plainly know that we are Christians. But if they don’t know that, or don’t know how important Jesus is to our everyday lives, we should realize now that there isn’t any good strategy in being coy about such vital information. It will backfire. Even if we don’t put on the evangelistic full-court press right away (which is not typically advised), wisdom is to identify with Jesus early and often, and articulate the gospel with clarity (and kindness) as soon as possible.

No one’s impressed to discover years into a relationship that we’ve withheld from them the most important things in our lives.

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