Monday, August 15, 2011

To beer or not to beer, that is the question.

John MacArthur continues his fatherly chat with the Young, Restless, and Reformed crowd and continues to provoke more than a little feedback in the process. Long time friend of the blog, Andrew Faris, has posted a response on his blog to John MacArthur's latest piece:

MacArthur and others will think this 27 year old Reformed-ish blogger foolish for being unwilling to listen to reproof. And that’s possible, since MacArthur’s most recent post focuses on the inordinate love of beer amongst YRR’s, and, well, I really like beer myself. So maybe my ears are a little too closed.

But maybe MacArthur is just being condescending about a preference that really does fall within Christian liberty.

I have no comments right now, except that I really like beer, too.


David A. Carlson said...

I have always admired P Mac's commitment to the sufficiency of the bible. On drinking however, he is all 20th century fundamentalist and very little concerned about the sufficiciency of the bible

Damian Romano said...

I once heard MacArthur argue that the wine that was drank in biblical times was severely watered down and barely contained any alcohol. I'd love to hear him debate his buddy Sproul on this topic one day...

Beer me.

Caleb said...

Can't be certain, but I suspect the issue is not "fashion consciousness" or "beer." Is it possible that J Mac instead has a much bigger fish fry in mind, perhaps tilling the ground so as to prepare for the upcoming release of his new book: "Church Planting God's Way"?