Monday, August 9, 2010

In Which Andrew Bids Farewell

I have recently wondered about what it must be like to be John Piper, Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, or any other mega-popular pastor. Not so much in terms of the particular content of their ministries, but because of this: people are always asking them questions about how to do, well, all kinds of stuff.

They always have to have answers. Advice on all kinds of subjects is even a cash cow for such men.

I can claim nowhere near the influence or wisdom of such men, but for the last couple of years I have spent lots of time on this blog offering my two cents. At this point I can no longer keep that up.

So this is a sad post to write.

I have enjoyed my time as a blogger for Christians in Context immensely. The other men (and one woman) who do or did blog here, in my experience, are wonderful people and wonderful thinkers. That alone has made this time both a pleasure and a great learning experience.

But it is time to move on. The simple fact is this: I no longer have enough CiC appropriate material to write about with any kind of consistency. So I can no longer maintain my commitment to this blog.

I am not done with blogging as a whole though. Instead a good friend (Glen Smallman) and I have started a new blog called Someone Tell Me the Story. The reason that I'll still write there and not here is because Someone Tell Me the Story will be broader in its focus than CiC. This will allow me to write about more topics that would be out of place on this blog without losing the chance to throw those couple cents in here or there. In the off chance you've enjoyed my writing here and want to keep up with me, I invite you to follow me and Glen at

CiC will continue to move on without me, and for this I am thankful. I'll certainly be one of its followers. And as the other guys figure out what to do from here, I will provide them with some leeway time by posting some stuff that will go on both sites. I trust that CiC will continue to a place where these folks thoughtfully interact with theology, the church, and culture.

Thanks for all of the feedback, both negative and positive, that I have gotten from many of you over my time here. I look forward to what comes next for both Christians in Context and Someone Tell Me the Story.

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