Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Gospel Demythologizes Us

Mike Bird has a good post about NT scholar Ernst Kasemann (including quite the endorsement from N. T. Wright, who is, you know, kind of a big deal). Bird offers a few comments about his own view of Kasemann’s work that you may care to see, but even more interesting are some of Kasemann’s quotes about discipleship. Here is the one I liked best:
    It is not enough to demythologize texts with Bultmann. Before doing such, the world and human beings need to be demytholoigzed, in, say, their self-mastery, their ideology, and the religious superstition to which they have surrendered. This takes place in the power of the gospel. This power streamed forth from Weigle. I will never forget his funeral.
“Weigle” was Kasemann’s youth pastor who apparently was quite influential on Kasemann’s life. Which brings up the important side point that youth pastors (such as myself) ought never to downplay the potential they have to impact the lives of their students, especially considering that they also have no idea where their students will end up. It is easy to be discouraged in youth ministry, but let us remember that God can use us in ways we will never know.

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