Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The solution to God's justice and love toward man

It has only been within the past year that I have come to recognize a little better the profound solution the cross is to the problems of human sin and estrangement from God. For God to simply sweep our sin under the rug and ignore it as if it never happened would be an utter affront to His own justice. And to instantly annihilate the entire human race—as our rebellion has merited—would fall short of what is capable through His love and mercy. And either of the two actions would not exercise and display the beauty and glory that we see in Christ through the cross. As D.A. Carson put it in Scandalous:
Do you want to see the greatest evidence of the love of God? Go to the cross. Do you want to see the greatest evidence of the justice of God? Go to the cross. It is where wrath and mercy meet. Holiness and peace kiss each other. The climax of redemptive history is the cross.
The idea came up again quite unexpectedly as I was listening to Jesus, You Are Worthy by Brenton Brown (lyrics below), a song which we have since added to our worship playlist at Redeemer Church. The last phrase that you read below is actually a refrain at the very end of the song that I missed the first several times I listened to the song. It has now replaced the original bridge when we sing it as a congregation.

Jesus you are mercy
Jesus you are justice
Jesus you are worthy
that is what you are

You died alone to save me
Your rose so you could raise me
you did this all to make me
a chosen child of God

Worthy is the Lamb that once was slain
To receive all glory power and praise
For with your blood you purchased us for God
Jesus you are worthy, that is what you are

Justice and mercy
Justice and mercy
Justice and mercy
meet on the cross

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