Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rounding the Bases

A short list today...

Fred Sanders analyzes his 7 year old daughter's drawing and poem, "Kittens in the Air", with comparison to its likely artistic influences (just click the link- it's hilarious).

James Grant has the round-up on Bruce Waltke's resignation/dismissal from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida, as well as a statement from the president of RTS-Charlotte, Mike Milton, on the resignation. Waltke, if you didn't know, is a huge name in OT scholarship. At issue are his views on theistic evolution and the Bible.

In light of the situation with Waltke and the resignation/dismissal of Tremper Longman III, Michael Bird wonders if we've reached the end of legitimate Reformed Evangelical OT scholars in America.

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Johnnie said...

Thanks so much, Andrew, for these posts, especially the ones about the Waltke situation, about which I knew nothing. (For those reading this who are as ignorant as I was, make sure to follow the links to the BioLogos site on James Grant's post.)

Actually, I remain pretty ignorant of the players in this debate, but I would love to hear more from the folks here. This statement: " Waltke discusses the danger that the Church will face if it does not engage with the world around it, in particular by acknowledging the overwhelming amount of data in support of biological evolution, which many evangelicals still reject" is one which should surely produce some responses, as well as this:

"As many of our readers know, we at BioLogos attest that the Young Earth position is not scientifically or theologically credible, and that the Intelligent Design movement has a reached a dead end."

Now I'll confess to knowing nothing about BioLogos and after poking around a bit on their site I still don't know much about them. But I don't recall these topics getting much play here in the past (I apologize if I'm forgetting) and I'd love to know more about how folks here view these statements and issues.