Monday, April 26, 2010

Article: Secularism's Ongoing Debt to Christianity

Recently an article has been brought to my attention which I have found utterly fascinating—not only because of it's content but because of it's source. Over at American Thinker, John D. Steinrucken has written an article called Secularism's Ongoing Debt to Christianity. Keep in mind, this is written by a secularist of an atheistic bent!

Steinrucken's big idea is as follows: "Western civilization's survival, including the survival of open secular thought, depends on the continuance within our society of the Judeo-Christian tradition."

And his closing remarks: "If the elitists of our Western civilization want to survive, then it is incumbent upon them to see to the preservation of the hoary, time-honored faith of the great majority of the people. This means that our elitists should see that their most valued vested interest is the preservation within our culture of Christianity and Judaism. It is not critical that they themselves believe, only that they should publicly hold in high esteem the institutions of Christianity and Judaism, and to respect those who do believe and to encourage and to give leeway to those who, in truth, will be foremost in the trenches defending us against those who would have us all bow down to a different and unaccommodating faith."

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Bill Faris said...

Can't imagine the gas he is going to get from his audience for taking that position!

Front page on the paper today: story about how a federal judge ruled the National Day of Prayer to be unconstitutional. Secularists, unite on behalf of keeping the National Day of Prayer!