Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The 6 Essential Truths of the Gospel, According to Piper

Click here for a really worthwhile use of three and a half minutes.

Though I should say that there probably should be more in there about kingdom. Still, helpful stuff.

HT: Glen


Peter Leithart has some helpful words that correspond to my critique here: "Jesus, in short, talks about justification by faith all the time. Justification by faith is the gospel of Jesus. Because 'justification by faith' means 'Your king comes.'" Click here for the whole thing.

HT on the Update: James Grant


Dom said...

Yeah, while there's good stuff there, his Gospel only includes "me and God". I think this is all pretty much common knowledge by now, but the horizontal aspect is missing. What do we do with Ephesians? Also, the death is discussed, but not the resurrection; we get the penal stuff, but not the inclusive stuff.

Andrew Faris said...


Yes on death and resurrection. That did seem a glaring absence- although I think he might've been saying "Jesus died" as a shorthand way of saying "I'm talking about historical events" not as a summary of all of those events. Make sense?

As for the horizontal, I figured someone would mention this, and I disagree with your disagreement. The question is "What is the gospel?" not "What are the most important implications of the gospel?"

So to take your example of Ephesians, I'd say that Paul doesn't so much so that the destruction of the barrier between Jews and Gentiles is the gospel, but that it is an absolutely necessary implication of the gospel.

Some will still quibble with my phrasing, but I suppose it's not a huge deal only because I do see the horizontal aspect as such an important implication of the gospel that we'll end up seeing it work out pretty much the same way.