Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A New, Important "How To" Book on Cutting Edge Technology for Churches

I found this book at a $1 bookstore by my home and thought I should let our readers know in case one of you would like me to pick it up for them and ship it. There is just no way I could keep such a gem for myself when others most certainly struggle to operate all this high-tech stuff more than us young whipper-snappers! Maybe it will be the next CiC book giveaway.

There is probably a serious point in here somewhere for a sermon illustration or blog post about technology and fads and so on, but I'll settle for laughing about it. Great cover art though, right?

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Bill Faris said...

Recently, I held up a cassette tape and told my two teenagers: "You see this? You can fit AN ENTIRE ALBUM on one! Of course, you have to turn it over at some point."

Each of these kids were holding Iphone/Ipod devices that are about the same size as a cassette and can hold HUNDREDS of albums (and you don't have to flip it over, ever!). My, my, my...

Still, as one who lived those days, you cannot possibly imagine how revolutionary cassettes were and how responsible they were for spreading teaching/sermons and home grown music around the world. It was low cost technology available to amateurs and it changed the world of that time. Seems to me the current generation has the responsibility/challenge of effectively utilizing even cheaper mass media technology for kingdom purposes (like this blog, for example).