Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brian Walton Reviews Where the Wild Things Are

Since Jared has us thinking about film today, I should point out my friend Brian Walton's thoughtful review of Where the Wild Things Are, which I've not yet seen. If you haven't seen it either, I suspect you too will want to after you read Brian's review. Here is the final paragraph:
The emotional arcs of the characters drive the film rather than the plot, something almost never done in children’s film. I suspect this is the actual culprit behind the allegations that Jonze’s’ film is only for adults, as if children cannot be engaged by emotional complexity. I’ll admit that they film may be to slow for the attention span of most children’s, but foreign to a child’s psyche it is not. Or do we forget how much of playtime was comprised of endless rule making, and how deep the emotions ran when the rules were broken? If children love Jonze’s remake, they will love it for the same reasons earlier generations loved Sendak’s book, not because it is entertaining but because it is familiar.


Sam Wilder said...

I saw the movie and loved it. You have to check your adult attitude at the door and come at the film as a nine-year-old, otherwise you miss so much of the emotional content. At the same time there is much deep psychological transfer going on that you don't notice while your watching it because hey! while you're watching it you're only nine, remember!

greenyuppie said...

I found the scene with the owl's 'Bob and Terry' most affecting as even children have to learn limits to cruelty.