Saturday, September 5, 2009

Christ-Centered Worship by Bryan Chapell

Hello, CiC friends! While I've been quiet the past couple weeks, I have not been idle. I am currently reading Christ-Centered Worship by Bryan Chapell. As a worship pastor here in the midwest, I expected to read some encouraging reminders of mostly familiar ideas. I did not expect my whole worship paradigm to be challenged. Chapell has spent ten chapters (so far) building an argument about the similarity between historical liturgical patterns and the progress of worship and the progress of the Gospel in one's heart. Here's a preview:

Through the ages, the common pattern of the order of worship in the church reflects the pattern of the progress of the gospel in the heart. The gospel first affects the heart by enabling us to recognize who God is. When we truly understand the glory of his holiness, then we also recognize who we really are and confess our need of him. The gospel then assures us of the grace that he proves, and our hearts respond in both thanskgiving and humble petition for his aid so that we can give proper devotion to him. In response to our desire for his aid, God prives his Word. We heed his instruction, knowing that we are both charged to do so and have the promise of his blessing as we live for him. The common liturgy of the church through the ages reflects this sequential flow of the gospel in our hearts.

Bryan Chapell - Christ-Centered Worship, p.99

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