Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Train of God's Love Moving Down the Tracks of His Holiness

A. H. Strong in his Systematic Theology, as quoted in Fred Sanders' short biographical sketch:

That God is only love has been called ‘the doctrine of the papahood of God.’ God is ‘a summer ocean of kindliness, never agitated by storms.’… But Jesus gives us the best idea of God, and in him we find, not only pity, but at times moral indignation. John 17:11, ‘Holy Father = more than love. Love can be exercised by God only when it is right love. Holiness is the track on which the engine of love must run. The track cannot be the engine. If either includes the other, then it is holiness that includes love, since holiness is the maintenance of God’s perfection, and perfection includes love.

Provocative stuff. If correctly understanding God's love is of any interest to you (and I suggest that it should be...), go get Carson's short but potent The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God. It is an amazingly good book.

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