Sunday, August 30, 2009

How well do you know John Calvin?

Christian, a sub-section of Christianity Today, has posted 10 questions testing your knowledge of Calvin. Some of the questions are fairly elementary, but some might just catch you off guard (like his wife's name).

I can say I got 80% correct.

Take the test and let us know what you scored. How well do you know Calvin?


c.c. said...

ha! i got 10/10, BUT i only actually KNEW half of them, and made uneducated guesses on two.

Sue said...

Why in 2009 would anyone really want to know anything about the entirely godless Calvin?

Yes entirely godless!

Especially when you consider this.

Damian Romano said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Sue.

Jerry Brown said...

Aced it, by God's grace alone. He knew I would from eternity. :-)

Anonymous said...

8/10! Only b/c I read the little Christian Heroes paperback biography years ago...and made my 9 year old try to read it last year! lol