Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Antichrist Wrote the NIV

I've been looking for some illustrations on textual criticism for a Sunday school class I'll be teaching at my church on Sunday and I came across this wonderful video:

My favorite part is the cheering.


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That is hilarious!


Sam Wilder said...

Why am I so disturbed by this?

Anonymous said...

The Today’s New International Study Bible (TNIV) Study Bible says this about Mark 15:28,

The earlier and more reliable Greek manuscripts do not have verse 28. It was probably added from Lk 22:37 (quoting Isa 53:12).

It was common for later scribes to transfer text between the Gospels.

Carrie Allen said...

ahahahaha. please teach this to your students. obviously that guy isn't a doctor in textual criticism.