Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Simple the Act, So Hard the Undoing

I've started listening through Carson's sermons/lectures on temptation that JT pointed out on Saturday. No comment yet on the overall quality, but Dr. Don had this quote about Adam and Eve's initial sin in the Garden: "So simple the act, so hard the undoing. God Himself will taste poverty and death before 'Take and Eat' become verbs of salvation."

I just thought the quote was too good not to pass on. And to be clear, he says he is quoting someone else, but he doesn't mention who specifically.


Ben Myers said...

You're right, that's a very striking quote. According to Google, it also appears in this book, with a footnote to Kidner's Tyndale commentary on Genesis. So perhaps Kidner is the source? Anyway, thanks for such a remarkable quote!

Andrew Faris said...


Thanks for the help. I'll have to go track it down. Sure sounds like Kidner anyway, doesn't it?


Ben Myers said...

Ah, my curiosity got the better of me: I just tracked it down using Amazon's book search. It does indeed come from Kidner's Tyndale Genesis commentary, p. 68: "She took ... and ate. So simple the act, so hard its undoing. God will taste poverty and death before 'Take and eat' become verbs of salvation."

It's really stunning to find poetry like this in a commentary!