Friday, July 17, 2009

Fred Sanders on Dutch Theologians on the Trinity

Fred Sanders has a typically great post up on trinitarian theology, which is his area of theological expertise.

The post surveys some of the points made by the Dutch theologian A. A. van Ruler on the necessary distinctions between christology and pneumatology. Sanders agrees, but then goes the next step by showing how they two are necessarily related:
    My main criticism of van Ruler’s schema is that, having teased apart these two doctrinal perspectives, a theologian really ought to put them back together. After all, everything Christ does he does with the Spirit (conceived by the Spirit, anointed by the Spirit, sender of the Spirit, his presence now mediated by the Spirit, etc.), and everything the Spirit does he does with Christ (anointing Christ, applying the redemption in Christ, enabling confession of Christ, etc.). The two distinct works of Christ and the Spirit are internally connected to each other, and shouldn’t be played off against each other. There are not two different economies of salvation, but one twofold economy.
Sanders is, as always, highly informative and highly readable. He is by far the main contributor to Scriptorium these days, which you really should be reading for that very reason.

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