Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Marriage More Powerful than a Pixar Montage

After I commented on UP the other day, I got this email from my Father-in-law, Kevan. Thought it was well worth passing on as a model for married brothers everywhere:
    I have a friend, Dom Cilla. He is 87 years old. He has been married for 61 years. His wife did not meet Jesus until after they were married. Today she only knows her husband as the man who takes care of her. She knows she wants to go home but has been living in this house that they built together for over 57 years. He has lived an active life, with many friends and part time work until two years ago. He loves to go to church and to golf.

    Today he only does those when he has a sitter for his wife and she is in the right frame of mind to put up with a stranger. The stranger is most often a daughter or granddaughter. He is one of life's practical problem solvers. He now is in charge of a problem without solution. He is grateful to God for the gift of so many good years with the love of his life. He is delighted when she has a good day and doesn't fight with him over meals or pills. He is in love today with the girl he met over 60 years ago and avoided him because she knew he was a girl chaser. He knows that he made a promise to stay with her forever. To her and to God.

    He is my hero today and a perfect example to each of us that a great marriage is not just a great montage in a movie but a very real part of life.

    I offer him to you and to myself as an example. The first 2 months may seem hard sometimes because you haven't had the time to spend together that you would hope to. The last 2 months when ever they come will be just as good as you allow them to be. You must decide to enjoy them together one day at a time. You need to constantly thank God for letting you find each other. Liz and I do.

    - Kevan

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Unknown said...

That's my Grandpa!

Googled his name. Priceless!