Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Wedding Draweth Nigh

Today I'm headed down to So-Cal for Andrew and Britt's wedding, and therefore don't have much time to post. Andrew is probably my best non-wife, non-divine, non-consanguine friend in the world, so it's truly a joy to be a part of this special day. Congrats Britt and Andrew. Marriage is wonderful. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Since I've been reading lots of Tim Chester of late, I'll leave you with some of his very solid insights on communities of grace versus communities of performance.

Communities of Performance

- The leaders appear to have it all figured out
- The community appears respectable
- Meetings must be a polished performance
- Failure is devastating, because identity is found in ministry
- Actions are driven by duty
- Conflict is suppressed or ignored
- The focus is on orthodox behavior (letting people think they have it all figured out)

Communities of Grace

- The leaders are vulnerable
- The community is messy
- Meetings are just one part of community life
- Failure is disappointing but not devastating, because identity is found in
- Actions are driven by joy
- Conflict is addressed in the open
- The focus is on the affections of the heart (with a strong view of sin and grace)

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Carrie Allen said...

woo hoo! time to party! ;)

Also, excited to see you guys!

Jeff Patterson said...

Fitting that a contrast of performance vs. grace is posted along with you heading off for their wedding. Marriage is quite the analogy for our spiritual union with Christ.

Have a blast! As awesome as weddings are, marriage only gets better!

Related to Chester's thoughts, another post comes to mind (by one of his friends): Community: Convenience vs. Grace by church planter/pastor Jonathan Dodson of Austin City Life.