Monday, March 16, 2009

When the Ones Who Caused the Ship to Sink Take the Lifeboats for Themselves

While some of this short post from Charity Leslie is overstated (though still thought-provoking), this comment on the backwardness of the fallout of the economic crisis is brilliantly perceptive, well-articulated, and one that I've not seen anyone else make:
I cannot help but recognize that in my workplace it will be all of the people in my generation who are laid off. Young parents, college graduates, experienced thinkers, innovators all will go down with a ship captained by the generation that came before us. That generation, however, will not go down with the ship. In spite of the laws of sea, the captain and crew will jump in the life boats first and leave the rest of us to drown in the price of their inefficiency and late decision-making. Those who would have retired soon are now clinging to the remaining jobs in order to re-boost their 401ks, which is simultaneously understandable and unconscionable.

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