Thursday, February 5, 2009

Web Wanderings

By Jeff Bruce

I'm trying to read like 263 books right now (and review two of them) and it's starting to cut into my blogging. Unless some teacher/authority figure mandates that I complete a book by a given deadline, I am incapable of reading quickly. Having said that, here are some things on the web I've found amusing.

1. Two things that are awesome (here and here).

2. Halden writes a great little post on God's incomprehensibility.

3. Trevin Wax makes me want to read more books...namely, those by Malcolm Gladwell. Here's his review of Gladwell's latest, Outliers.

4. John Stackhouse writes about loudness in worship (I'm guessing everyone has an opinion on this one).

5. Happy Birthday Dietrich. (Well, I suppose when this gets published, today will be yesterday, so happy belated birthday Dietrich).

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