Friday, February 27, 2009

Understanding Jonathan Edwards

Over at Theology Forum Kyle Strobel examines a new book entitled Understanding Johnathan Edwards by Gerald R. McDermott. For those who don't know Strobel is currently attending King’s College, University of Aberdeen and is doing his dissertation on Edwards.

Being a fan of Edwards myself, at times I've struggled to grasp his complex 18th century writing style and deep theological/philosophical references. Therefore I give you a quote from Strobel which I feel sums up what the individual who first encounters the writings of Edwards.

"... for the beginning student, Edwards can seem impenetrable, if not just odd."

He continues on the book itself:

There are several distinctive features of this volume making it stand alone among the many secondary volumes of Edwards literature...What I want to note up front is my favorite aspect - it was written for those who may have little to no knowledge of Edwards or the field of Edwards studies. What excites me about this is that it accomplishes what few (if any) have: an introduction to major themes in Edwards thought that is usable for the classroom.

Read the whole post here.

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