Thursday, February 26, 2009

Read This, Even if You Don't Care about Sports

If you don't read Rick Reilly, shame on you.

I've already told you once: whether or not you have any interest in sports, you need to be reading his column on

Sadly as of yet I don't see a way to subscribe to only his column (which is bi-weekly) via RSS. In the mean time, do as I do and occasionally check back at and see if he's got anything new (it's on the front page). Also, if you ever at the dentist's office and you see a 5-year-old Sports Illustrated lying around, pick it up and turn to the back page. He wrote for them for a long time.

The current piece is on the pro athlete's responsibility to be a role model, highlighting John Elway's unwavering willingness to do so.

I tried to find an excerpt, but you need to read the whole story for any of it to make sense. Go do it- it's encouraging when we're so used to A-Rod-esque downfalls.

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