Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hannah More on Christianity and the Heart

By Andrew Faris

I knew nothing of Hannah More until I read Fred Sanders' "Today is Hannah More's Birthday". Check out this quote from the "First Victorian":
All the doctrines of the Gospel are practical principles. The word of God was not written, the Son of God was not incarnate, the Spirit of God was not given, only that Christians might obtain right views, and possess just notions. Religion is something more than mere correctness of intellect, justness of conception, and exactness of judgment. It is a life-giving principle. It must be infused into the habit as well as govern in the understanding; it must regulate the will as well as direct the creed. It must not only cast the opinions into a right frame, but the heart into a new mould. It is a transforming as well as a penetrating principle. It changes the tastes, gives activity to the inclinations, and, together with a new heart, produces a new life.
Good stuff for all of us to remember, but especially we bloggers, academicians, and wanna-be academicians.

And by the way, Fred Sanders is one of the clearest reminders to me that I have read next to nothing.

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